Being Cool Chicks, we are very mindful of the need to minimise our environmental footprint. Our vision is to maintain sustainable practices that reflect our values and philosophy in every aspect of our business.

Our beautiful WrapMeCool® Wraps and Neck Scarves are made from 100% natural cotton and are intended to be re-used many times. The fabric is supplied by Kapra Mandi and our products are manufactured by Todd’s great team at Morwin Garment Manufacturing. Both are local Vancouver-based companies, and this reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport.

We reduce consumption of raw materials by using 100% recycled paper for our information leaflets and business cards, as well as maintaining a ‘paper-free’ office as much as practicable.

We have partnered with Polynova Industries, a local, award-winning company that works at the cutting edge of sustainability by producing 100% compostable and biodegradable plastic bags.

The journey toward our vision is on-going and we are excited about the continuous improvements we make and the great partnerships we enjoy with companies that share our values.

Stay tuned…

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