5 Easy Tips to Survive Heatwaves Using WrapMeCool®

5 Easy Tips to Survive Heatwaves Using WrapMeCool®

It seems that the whole world has experienced increased heat during recent summers. 😡 The Australian BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) reports a year over year increase in average temperatures for the last five consecutive years. Nine of the hottest 10 years on record have occurred since 2005!

This heat has everybody scrambling for clever cooling solutions. People want to feel better, sleep better, and protect themselves and loved ones from the dangerous effects of heat stress. 

Besides the obvious discomfort of overheating, we know that heat stress is a serious health issue for everyone - with the elderly and very young being particularly vulnerable to its effects. Read more about excess body heat.

Here are the top five tips for using your WrapMeCool to make heatwaves more bearable and help prevent heat stress.

  1. Keep your WrapMeCool handy at all times and REMEMBER to use it. If you’re going out and don’t need it straight away, carry it already damp in the environmentally friendly bag it came in. You’re good to go!! (Bonus tip: freeze a damp WrapMeCool for an extra cooling boost.)
    beige purse on couch and pink wrapmecool being put into a plastic bag to stay damp
  2. Use a damp Wrap at night (as a cover) to help you sleep. Afternoon naps are a great idea during heatwaves because they can help conserve energy.
    young boy sleeping under wrapmecool

  3. Look after your family and friends. Remind them to use their wrap and/or assist them to use it. Don’t forget that your animal friends also feel the heat - perhaps there is WagMeCool in our future. 😂

  4. Wrap any areas of your body that feel particularly hot. Cool your pressure points. To promote heat loss from the head — try wearing it as a turban (super stylish as well)

  5. Our Cool Chick Jess’s #1 tip is to keep your head cool by wearing a WrapMeCool under your sun hat. During last year’s heatwave in Canada, she was enduring multiple rounds of chemotherapy and came up with the idea of putting an ice cube under her hat as well. Nobody could tell and she felt as cool as a cucumber. 🕺🏻
young woman in MS Walk baseball hat


We would love to know YOUR tips for staying cool with your WrapMeCool. Share them with us at:  info@wrapmecool.com and we will spread the word. Read more about keeping cool during heatwaves.

Stay cool...

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