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Brooke's Family at the beach with WrapMeCools

Keeping Our Kids Cool While Travelling Australia

Brooke wearing wrapWe were excited to receive some WrapMeCool wraps to trial as a family — not just any family, but a family of five who happen to be travelling around Australia in a caravan.

So why do we need these wraps to help keep us cool? Well, it’s not a set rule, but we generally try to follow the sun, which can, has and will take us to some pretty hot places on our travels.

Did you know that during heatwaves, babies and toddlers are one of the highest groups at risk? Their bodies struggle to cope with extreme heat, and they have to rely on others to help keep their temperature down.

Brooke and the baby with wrapmecoolWith three little people on board — aged 5, 3½ and 2 — it can be pretty hard to stay cool in hot climates. In the past we have tried to follow the lead of nature … if you watch the kangaroos in the outback, they get out and do their thing in the early morning and late evening, and for the rest of the hot day they laze around in the shade. This works, but it can still be bloody hot!

With our WrapMeCools we are instantly cooled wherever we go. We use them at the beach, on our hikes, while we’re in the car, even while we’re sleeping!

The great thing is they can be wet with any water source; beaches, rivers, creeks, even a puddle if that’s all you’ve got! They roll up small — any traveler will tell you that space is everything — and they’re very stylish as well. Perhaps most importantly of all — the kids love them! Ours have been used as capes, blankets, additions to forts and even snuggle comforters at nap time.

small child sleeping with yellow wrapmecool

 If you live in a hot climate, if you’ve got kids, if you’re elderly, or even if you just hate being hot …do yourself a favour and invest in a WrapMeCool.





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