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Busy Mom

Hot. Sweating. Flustered.

If you’re a busy mum — or even just a busy woman — then these are words that might be familiar to you.

Broke with her three childrenMy kids like nothing better than to sit on top of me. I don’t know why, or what is so appealing about it, but they love it! Back when we lived in our house, we had a large, comfortable L-shaped lounge and I can tell you honestly that there was always at least one child on top of me. In winter, I love a cuddle too. In summer … not so much. Please get off me!!

I have always been able to confidently say that summer was my favourite season, but since being pregnant and having our three kids there’s something about the heat that now flusters me. I get agitated when the kids want to jump all over me. I feel bloated when I eat too much and don’t have much energy.

Hello WrapMeCool.

These lightweight cotton wrapBrooke rolling up trps are an amazing addition to my wardrobe — not only do they come in many stylish colours but they keep me cool in the easiest way possible. That’s right, even easier than hopping into my cossie (that’s Aussie speak for swim suits) and wrangling the whole family down to the beach.

I use my wrap every day. I use it when I do the housework (or caravan work, I suppose you could call it). I lay it over me when I’m putting our youngest down for her sleep in the hot middle of the day. I wear it wrapped over my head when we’re out in the sun, and I wear it in the car while we’re driving. I even use it to keep me cool while sleeping!!

They are so versatile, I just love them, and I am so glad WrapMeCool has come into my life. 

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