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WrapMeCool Is Great!

WrapMeCool Is Great!

I have suffered with hot flashes for many years. Anyone who has experienced one knows it is a searing hot wave that completely takes you over for the duration — very unpleasant! Recently I was introduced to a remarkable product. Remarkable because it is so easy to use and so effective. WrapMeCool gives me fast relief anytime a hot flash is coming on. I keep a damp one with me most of the time. I can take it anywhere in its Ziploc bag. At night, I keep it next to the bed and if I wake with a hot flash, I spread the WrapMeCool over me and I immediately feel better!

I am really happy that they are available in so many great colours; I can have one that matches every outfit! It is a great fashion accessory and has the added bonus of the wonderful cooling effect. I am happy to have found such a simple, natural way to help with my hot flashes. I never leave home without it damp and ready to use in its Ziplock bag.

Marcia N, Vancouver, Canada

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group of Vancouver explorers wearing WrapMeCools in Galapagos
Want to See a Blue Footed Booby?

We wanted to see the bird with bright blue feet. We were all prepared with our WrapMeCool scarves and wraps to keep us cool in the hot sun and to help us sleep. They were definitely on the packing list.

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Brooke on beach with sand beige wrap
Brooke’s Blog #2

Hot. Sweating. Flustered. If you’re a busy mum — or even just a busy woman — then these are words that might be familiar to you. My kids like nothing better than to sit on top of me. I don’t know why, or what is so appealing about it, but they love it!



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Brooke's Family at the beach with WrapMeCools
Five On A Drive — Brooke's Blog

We were excited to receive some WrapMeCool wraps to trial as a family — not just any family, but a family of five who happen to be travelling around Australia in a caravan.

With three little people on board — aged 5, 3 ½ and 2 — it can be pretty hard to stay cool in hot climates. With our WrapMeCools we are instantly cooled wherever we go. We use them at the beach, on our hikes, while we’re in the car, even while we’re sleeping!

The great thing is they can be wet with any water source; beaches, rivers, creeks, even a puddle if that’s all you’ve got!

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