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What People are Saying About WrapMeCool

  • These wraps are great! My friends and I wear them to the gym every day and I did all my Christmas shopping at WrapMeCool.

    Colin J, Vancouver, Canada

  • In the middle of a hot-flash - there is nothing more soothing than one of these wraps - heavenly!

    Candy G, Vancouver, Canada

  • I am going through radiotherapy and my wrap is the only thing that cools my body down quickly . Using the wrap I was able to settle and sleep well.

    Tonina H, North Ryde, Australia

  • We love our wraps! They are great when we go for walks,  head out for a ballgame and even at the golf course. Hubby likes to use his when gardening too. Thanks WrapMeCool.

    JR Elmer, California, USA

  • I have used my WrapMeCool in Bali where it is really hot and humid now. I found the Wrap to be absolutely fabulous to cool me down while still looking very stylish.

    Susan R, Erskinville, Australia

  • "Every day I go out in this Brutal Hot weather (117 F) - in my car that has no air-conditioning, I'm wearing the 'Wrap-Me-Cool' pink scarf. It is a total LIFE SAVER. Beside the relief it gives me from the heat, I often get compliments on the color - from people who have no idea that it is wet and keeping me from passing out !!! "😋

    Jan, Arizona, USA

  • "Tried Vicki's WrapMeCool during the recent UK heat did just what it said on the pack...a real relief from the humid heat. I'm not sure she will get it back!! I never thought sheer cotton was my look but maybe?? A great product." 

    Vicki's Husband, UK

  • Last weekend I was at the Adelaide Festival with the 15,000 other people waiting in the hot sun for the Neil Finn concert. At least five hours. ....but thanks to my wrap-me-cool, sun screen and water, I was full of energy by the time the band started. THANK YOU.

    CM Koob, Australia

  • I don't cope well with very hot summer days in Australia. I sweat profusely and my face goes bright red as if I might have a heart attack! This wonderful invention works to keep me cool and look normal. I can thoroughly recommend.

    Sandra Barker, Australia



Our mission is to help people have a better present moment and therefore a better life. We are honoured and proud to support the MS Society in the important work they do to help end MS.

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